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How do you capture the essence of Africa without using up every cliché in the book? No other continent comes close to it for scale, variety and pure, raw impact. Africa offers a travel experience a thousand kilometres from the well-backpacked, air-conditioned tourist trails of Southeast Asia or the cash-cow theme parks of Australia or Europe. Africa’s natural history alone would make a dozen visits worthwhile – where else on earth can you fall asleep to the sound of lions roaring, or watch a million flamingos take off from the waters of a remote soda lake.

Intraworld Travel Systems, (Africa Vacations Plus) is uniquely positioned to help you plan an unforgettable adventure of a trip to Africa. We offer the best pricing, expert advice and personalized service. We know for most people, a trip this big is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, that's why every one of our clients gets the personal attention they deserve. To that end, we will work tirelessly to ensure your trip to Africa is the richest, most memorable journey you'll ever embark on.